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Monday, 9 July 2012

Gastronomic Adventures, Part 4 - Cajun Cooking

This one is a long time coming, but in Shreveport,LA I managed to find a bar that served a range of Cajun-style food. Whether or not it counts as truly authentic is up for debate, but the important thing is that it was unique to the area, and I loved it.

I ordered the sample platter to get a range of different foods, and wasn't disappointed. The gumbo came out first, and tasted like a spicy soup mixed with chilli.

The main part of the platter was the blackened catfish. Cajun cuisine often involves cooking different seafood in a variety of cajun spices. It doesn't look particularly appealing, but tastes delicious.

Jambalaya is a well known local dish made with rice and a combination of spices, and this dish didn't disappoint. I was a big fan of Jambalaya, and remain so.

The Nackadish (spelling?) meat pie is probably the closest thing I've ever had to an Aussie meat pie while overseas. It was a bit confusing, as it resembled a Samosa, but it tasted the same - down to the spices and everything.

The only thing I didn't care for was the fried corn on the cob. After you get through the batter, it tastes the same as steamed corn, so what was the point of frying it? It seemed to me to be unecessary grease.

Another tip - the Abita IPA (a locally brewed beer) was excellent. The rasberry Hefeweizen was unusual, but tasty and the Restoration Pale Ale was also nice.

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