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The main purpose of this blog is as a permanent record of my adventures throughout the Americas by motorcycle. Feel free to comment or ask me any questions - I'm an open book.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I posted this on facebook a while ago (when I reached Ushuaia), but for everyone else who didn't see it...

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to those who made this possible.
Firstly, although she'll never see this, I must thank my motorcycle Izzy. I put you through hell almost every day, and yet you continued to carry me and our gear through some of the most unforgiving terrain on this planet. You constantly surprised me with your tenacity and plain stubborness, and never failed me when I really needed you. I really hope I can find you a good home down here.

To my Canadian second family and friends, without your support I would not have been able to do this. You welcomed me into your homes and lives, and allowed me to get a stable footing from which to springboard on to this adventure. Without you I would have never really been able to start, nor be so sure that I had somewhere to go back to, should it all fail.

To the many friends I made along the way - you made this solo journey anything but. By sharing stories, experiences and beers you have made my story part of yours, and vice versa. Thankyou for taking this weary traveler in.

To those of you who stopped and helped me when in need, you made the world and open road a far less daunting place. Whenever I was in need, you jumped at the chance to help and get Izzy and I back on the road. You always extended a helping hand when I needed it most, and made this journey a pleasure. I only hope to be able to repay this debt, whenever I see a fellow traveler in need.

To my fellow long distance travelers - whether by motorcycle, bicycle, bus or car, the enduring spirit of adventure shown by each and every one of you truly inspired me to keep going, and go further, higher, faster and with more confidence. The tips, tricks and guides you provided saved me from disaster more times than I'd like to count, and I only hope that the information I then passed on to others was nearly as helpful. Meeting you, whether on the side of the road, at the end of a long day or in those rare moments when on foot, were some of my favourite moments on this journey. You made me feel less alone, and more a part of a chaotic and memorable migration.

To the man who got me hooked on motorcycle travel, I owe you a lot. Mat - I would have never have considered a trip like this if it wasn't for you. This journey was your brainchild, and I really hope to one day to put rubber to the wide open road with you.

To my family, I thank you for your support, and for showing only mild apprehension when I announced that I plan to ride a motorcycle through some of the most dangerous places on the planet. To know that you guys were always behind me meant more than words can express. I always looked forward to talking to you guys, and can't wait to physically be with you all again.

Finally, to all of you out there reading the blog - knowing that you have taken an interest in the trip kept me motivated to keep posting, despite the time and effort it took. The end result is a record that I can be proud of, and one I will be sure to reminisce on in later years. I hope you were entertained and informed, and I look forward to your own blogs, or further posts (on that note, the Patagonia post is almost finished). It will soon be my time to live vicariously through you, so make your adventures good ones!

I'll finish with one of my favourite quotes: "The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only a page". I encourage you all to get out and read this great book of ours - there's some great stories out there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go see a man about a boat..


  1. Cheers to that Mike, we met in Adventure Brew Hostel in La Paz, Bolivia and won the trivia contest one night :)Great adventure you had.

  2. Thanks Mike for this beautiful blog.

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  5. Inspiring, brilliant, enticing.
    Thanks Mike!