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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Route (nearly) sorted

I've done it. After alot of deliberation, the planned route for the trip is sorted. It will undoubtedly change as I travel, as roads prove boring or difficult, and as I learn more about different places from fellow travelers.

Much thanks to whoever set up Travellerspoint.com, as it has proved pretty easy to put the list of destinations on a single map.

I have broken the trip up into several legs, according to region and transport.

Leg 1 will be the Trans Labrador Highway in Canada, a recently completed circuit through sub arctic tundra, passing icebergs, polar bears, moose, and (apparently) the weirdest of all - the locals, or Newfies. It's about as remote as a unassisted motorbike can go (~200km between towns), before planes and boats (and dog sleds) become the favoured methods of transport. A good journey to test out the bike, with 1st world support should something go wrong.

Leg 2 is the good ol' US of A. While I'll never debate the attractiveness of the US from tourism perspective, my main focus here is catching up with friends.

Leg 3 (Central America) is where things start to get more challenging, as I expect the road condition to deteriorate somewhat, but things will also get cheaper, so there's always a silver lining.

Leg 4 is the big one. From Colombia through the Guayanas, up the Amazon through to Peru and the infamous sights of the gringo trail. From Rio, I turn south to Buenos Aires, and then race to Ushuaia in Patagonia.

Leg 5 is possibly the most exciting, and yet, the most effortless. Antarctica. One of the most isolated, driest and coldest places on the earth. And I'm going for a swim (check this out).

Leg 6 is the dash home before Christmas, with a few stops on the way.

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