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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Gastronomic Adventures, Part 2 - Maple Syrup

The cuisine in Montreal is delicious, but not for those with a family history of heart disease! I will write about one of the most unique food items (poutine) soon, but right now I'd like to focus on Canada's most famous edible export - maple syrup. Boiled down from the sap of the sugar Maple tree (which only exists on the eastern side of Canada), the famous topping is ubiqutous in Canadian cooking. For Easter dinner at Eric's parents house, I enjoyed maple syrup glazed ham, mashed vegetables with maple syrup, maple pie (syrup reduced to a fudge-like consistency) and of course, the syrup itself. Heaven. The syrup season had ended, but apparently its a popular thing to travel to the country and feast on maple products direct from the farm itself. Compared to the fake stuff at home, it is far thicker (like heated honey) and sweeter.

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